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  My Name is Shavonne Campbell born in Newark, New Jersey but
                  raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I am twenty-three years
                  old, born on September 27 1982.  I am one of three siblings
                  but never got the chance to be raised in the same house hold
                  as them.    I grow up with a
                  dream of making a different through the communication of
                  music.  Wanting to use the struggles and the victories in life
                  to get people through.  I plan to reach out to other through
                  Hip Hop R&B, the smooth melodies of a love song or even zoning
                  to an inspirational tone. I have been involved with just about
                  every aspect of music since a very young age.  Though nothing
                  has become an addiction as singing has.  My dad was the only
                  one in my family how tried to pursue a music career but I am
                  from a family of music lovers.  I fully introduced myself to
                  singing, song writing and playing the keyboard on my own, so I
                  generally consider myself a self taught artist.  After many
                  years of doing talent shows, musicals and competititions, I
                  decided to find I recording company I could call home, but it
                  was not that easy.  I found myself jumping for one independent
                  label to another.  I was looking for people who were
                  dedicated, hungry, and passionate for the love of music.  So
                  while I was still living Raleigh I ran a cross a label base in
                  Charlotte, North Carolina that had raw talent and was blessed
                  with multiply gifts and I just fit right in.  It’s been close
                  to two years strong of learning and growing with Boom Boom
                  Room Entertainment.  That change for me has made me motivated
                  and aware that all the hard work will soon pay off.  I am
                  involved with the label by doing Public Relations, A&R as well
                  as being an Artist.  I have begun collaborating with many
                  artists and I believe I will continue to work in this manner
                  for the immediate future.  I am currently finishing up my solo
                  project and preparing myself for what’s to come, by
                  networking, researching and following Christ.  And these are
                  the things that will lead me to success in the music world.  I
                  am glad to say that when my demo hit that right ears it will
                  turn a small dream of being a well known R&B artist to a big
                  dream of being a music business entrepreneur.

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